• Since 1994 K.I. has experienced a 100% success rate in getting IRS nonprofit exemptions
  • The K.I. Foundation has formed more than 600 businesses and nonprofits, operating all over the globe, including 14 countries
  • K.I. has aided in securing millions to support communities all over the world
  • Through comprehensive grant writing workshops, Ms. Herring has trained thousands of individuals, churches, community- based organizations and more
  • Sherita J. Herring serves as a regular humanitarian consultant for celebrities, professional athletes and community leaders and more . . .

K.I.’s Business 

1)  Community & Economic Development 

2)  For-profit/Nonprofit Business Strategies

3)  Grant Writing Workshops

4)  Nonprofit Development

5)  Corporate Governance

6)  Board Development

7)  Increased Revenue Strategies
Community Advocacy and more . . .

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Kreative Images Foundation
Our Motto:  YAYOL - You Are Your Only Limitation

While also coaching law firms nation-wide in nonprofit formation, K.I. has also formed nonprofits for hundreds of celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, churches, community leaders and more (hear Hall of Famer Bootsy Collins below, and see the Bootsy Collins Foundation).  


Though Sherita J. is on "hiatus", listen to some of her past shows