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Blowout Specials

All specials have expired! ! !

In connection with Sherita's Fall 2016 Cross-Country Tour 
take advantage of these Blow Out Specials through 
November 8, 2016 (her birthday)

$99 - Nonprofit Development Webinar Series ($349 value)

This is an all inclusive session for only 15 exclusive participants

In this comprehensive seminar you'll "save thousands", while accomplishing the following:
    • Complete the IRS Tax Exempt Application 
    • Complete all required documents that must accompany the Exempt Application, i.e., Bylaws, Conflict Policy and more 
    • Learn the requirements for Board Members 
    • Understand corporate governance responsibilities and more  

$99 – Grant Writing Webinar Series ($349 value) 

This comprehensive grant webinar series is limited to 15, to ensure complete one-on-one, personalized attention for optimal grant preparation.

From ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, receive the same comprehensive training as in-person instruction

This webinar series will clarify:
    • What is expected on a competitive grant proposal 
    • How to develop a compelling idea 
    • Gain project development strategies 
    • Research required statistics 
    • How to present inclusive goals and objectives 
    • Learn strategies to formulate an accurate program budget 
    • Learn how to research program specific grant funders and so much more  

$99 – Global Network Webinar ($135 value)

Learn proven strategies that have provided continual, multiple streams of income for the K.I. Foundation for nearly 15 years. 

*  Are you ready to deliver a hassle-free, real-time message from anywhere?
*  Are you missing out on expanding your network?
*  Are you operating at a local level, when you should be recognized as a global guru?

Learn strategies to manage your business from everywhere thru the following:
    • Turn a simple Skype conversation into a CASH call
    • Conduct effective board meetings with board members in various locations
    • Operate multiple programs in numerous cities with collaborative partners
    • Reduce travel time by providing masterful, messages from the comforts of your home or office
    • Gain more flexibility to present in all time zones
Designed for:
    • Business Coaches -- Coach entrepreneurs, small business owners or Executives on any/all continents
    • Teachers -- Provide instruction on new curriculum
    • Auto Mechanics -- Gain a global reach to help with simple, virtual auto repair instruction
    • Beauticians -- Teach weaving techniques or hair cutting and more
    • Speakers – Expand your speaking engagements with virtual talks and training  
    • Authors -- Launch a new book to a virtual audience

For more details or to sign up via phone call 310-601-3036.