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Business Strategies

Is your Business Plan Failing You?

Though most entrepreneurs and business owners write business plans for the purpose of raising funds, a vast majority of the plans fail; never resulting in success.

Whether a new business, or one that has history, but hardly existing; in most instances, it’s because your business plan was not written with the strength to secure investment for optimum growth.

1) Does your plan reveal your uniqueness?

2) Is your plan boring?

3) Does your plan ineffectively disclose your proposed or accomplished milestones?

I have personally served as a business coach and strategist for hundreds, including celebrities, renowned athletes, motivational speakers, and Mayors of municipalities.

My company’s success speaks for itself, where we’ve helped secure over $30M for our clients.

In addition to our quality document production, offering business coaching for our clientele has proven to be exceptional for advancing ideas from initial origin to actual achievement.


Call our office today at 310-601-3036, if you’re needing effectual business coaching, or for your business plan to be reviewed, revised or written.

Your success is obtainable!

Sherita J. Herring

Optimal Business Coach & Strategist