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Driving Toward Success

Are you trying to figure out new strategies to move your business forward?  Have you been feeling as though your business affiliations are at a dead end, or the road appears to be going nowhere?  

Learn some effective approaches from Sherita J's allegorical methods from "Driving Toward Success", her literary reflections in the best-selling book the Law of Business Attraction.  The video provides a glimpse of her unique thoughts.

Her metaphor of a "bus" and how she deals with life, and those in it, takes you through various twists and turns that will lead you on effective paths for success, for both personal and business.

Sherita has written this innovative book along with 20+ other authors.  As you enjoy the various stories, you’ll learn numerous strategies that will steer you in the right direction to ensure you are "Driving Toward Success"!

2013 -- The above book deals with life from more of a business perspective.  Stay tuned for Part II, the personal side of Driving Toward Success by Sherita J', discussing friendships, family, surviving the loss of a love-one (whether it be a break-up, death, etc.), adjusting to life's changes and more . . .  it will be riveting!