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Bruno Chapeton

Program Focus:  

Buno Chapeton and his organization's initial objective is to create a digital documentary and photo film essay on immigration issues of the forceful separation of US born kids when their parents are deported out of the USA. 

Second, his organization's goal is to assist the physical, mental and financially challenged through all the mediums of the Arts and emerging technology innovations, in an effort to help our program participants better express themselves; while also helping individuals contribute to society.

In addition, the organization is focused on preserving disappearing Art forms, disciplines and cultural heritages for the enrichment of society and future generations of humanity.

Lastly, the programs will help the less fortunate, including but not limited to war veterans, to be self-sufficient members of society by learning new skill sets on groundbreaking technology and ideas.

Ultimately the focus is to encourage emotional expression, mental wellbeing and productivity among the less fortunate ones in society, through the creative process in the Arts, the design and building of new Innovations and discovery of new technologies.


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