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FS/A Membership Fee

     We’ve Got You Covered . . . 

Thank you for submitting your pre-application. 


1)  The number of accepted FS/A Memberships are limited!

2)  If for any reason your pre-applcation is not approved, all enrollment fees will be credited
      back to you.  Possible reasons for not being accepted in the FS/A program:
i Too many similar programs (FS/A's goal is to sponsor diverse programs/services
ii   Too many organizations from same city/state (goal is to have global diversity)
iii. History of noncompliance with a previous K.I. Foundation program or service.  FS/A's objective is to ensure the ease of participation, 
of all Members, while offering collaboration and capacity building opportunities.

3)  Upon enrollment, Fiscal Sponsorship coverage begins immediately for tax deductible contributions.

4)  Option #1:  Enrollment for September 2015 for only $125/month.
  FS/A's virtual trainings are with other members (minimum 2/month).

5)  Option #2:  FS/A membership includes a 1-hour one-on-one personal training/month (coaching with Sherita Herring) for $165/month. 
  FS/A's virtual trainings include 1 private consultation along with the two group virtual webinars/month.

After your initial sign-up, fees will be recurring, either  @ $125/month or  $165/month, depending on your selected membership.
with the option to cancel at any time (after initial 3-month enrollment obligation).

Upon paying your membership fee, the FS/A Agreement, Sponsorship Form and additional information will be provided.

Register for the Fiscal Agent Opportunity by selecting one of the below options NOW!

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Should your application be approved, all fees are non-refundable, following a 3-day grace period of receiving the FS/A Agreement.

Our Fiscal Sponsor program is through our affiliate, Rufus C. and Leola Goff Family Foundation (RCLG),
where KI's President is also Co-Founder.