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Our Motto:  YAYOL - You Are Your Only Limitation

Fall into FALL

Wow, it’s the first day of FALL (September 22, 2017)!

Can you believe how fast this year has zoomed by?

As time moves on, we can’t get back the seconds, minutes or hours that so swiftly tick away.

If you’re not joyfully and progressively moving toward what inspires you, what are you waiting for?

Are you living your best life?
Are you traveling on the road that’s most satisfying for you?
Do you wake up each day, giving thanks for being able to continuously move in the direction that is nourishing your spirit?

If you answered “NO” to either of the above, you want to take advantage of our “Fall into FALL” opportunities, that will catapult you toward your Goals, Passions and Dreams.

I want to help you do what you love “every day”, while making a difference in the world.

If you’re willing to go all-in for what you love, join me for one of my upcoming virtual Boot Camps:

1) Grant Writing for Nonprofit Executives and Managers - Completing a comprehensive Grant Proposal and more by the end of the 6-week session; along with instructions on forming national and international collaborations; strategic planning and other effective strategies

2) Nonprofit Development 6-week Series – Step-by-step completion of all the required documents to secure your IRS Tax Exemption, while also learning nonprofit management, project development and more

What are they saying about our trainings?

Don’t wait until the end of the year to make your move (getting caught in the end-of-year urgency of others), because time waits on no one!

It’s your time!

In unity, 
Sherita J. Herring