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Family Legacy

What is your family’s LEGACY?


Does your family have its own nonprofit? If yours is like mine, there are so many professionals and multi-talented individuals that could be operating in their passions every day, while aiding others.

Why not turn your yearly family reunion into an annual meeting for your newly formed Family Foundation?

For instance:

    • My sister has a passion for praise dance and has taught hundreds, from toddlers to seniors.
    • My brother has been a barber for over 20 years, and cut the hair of countless foster youth.
    • My brother-in-law has served as a mentor for numerous young men, helping to shape their lives.
    • My nephew is a professional musician and teaches music to youth.
    • Plus, you don’t have to be in the same city. Though headquartered in Kansas City, MO, my son has helped the homeless of Skid Row, in downtown Los Angeles, for over five years.

All of the above have become programs under our family’s nonprofit, the Rufus C. and Leola Goff (RCLG) Family Foundation, named after our parents (find out more here>>).

What about you and your family?

      • Is there a film producer in your family that could also incorporate a film production assistance job training program into their work
      • Is gardening a passion – you could develop community gardens, combating youth obesity, and more?
      • Do you have land that’s not being utilized that could serve as a retreat?
      • Are you a lawyer or police officer that could develop a junior CSI program – bridging the gap between youth and law enforcement?
      • Are you a poet or writer that could be teaching creative writing as an after school program?
      • And what about all the other talents in your family?

Summer is coming – the season for family reunions.

Empower your family today, while creating a LEGACY tomorrow!

If you’re ready to operate in your passions, call the K.I. Foundation and schedule an in-person family training for your next reunion – only $3500, plus travel and lodging.

Includes:  1)  An in-person consultation and training session with the family 2)  Complete nonprofit development service (all state and federal filings) 3) work with the State and Federal offices until you are totally approved.

Or, schedule a family webinar – $350 for a 2-hour session, which answers all your questions that you may have on forming a nonprofit, the pros, cons, etc.

Make an investment you won’t regret – and let us show you how to make a difference, while also empowering your family, and generations to come . . .  through perpetuity. 

Call 310 601-3036 or email to

This unique offer expires June 1, 2013.