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As a BONUS, you can take advantage of the Global Network webinar on September 3, 2015 for only $50, vs the valued rate of $175.  


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Many have asked how the K.I. Foundation now has a footprint all over the world, with national projects from California to New York, to international clients and training in Pakistan, Cambodia, Paris, the Bahamas, multiple countries in Africa, Canada, the Caribbean, China and more.

Whether in her home office (in her slippers) or at our Beverly Hills facility, on a weekly basis Sherita Herring, K.I.'s President, is either teaching workshops, or coaching one-on-one to global leaders, mayors, celebrities, professional athletes, community leaders, pastors, and more; while also speaking to large global audiences on the big screen, via virtual technology; she literally trains thousands annually.

Now is the time for you to take advantage of the cyber opportunities that exist to expand your ideas, grow your business, and increase your revenue!

Join our Global Network Webinar for
$50 (super savings thru September 1, 2015) for the September 3, 2015 session (5:30p - 7:30p Pacific), designed to better connect you to the world.

Register below to learn Sherita's proven strategies that have provided continual, multiple streams of income for the K.I. Foundation for nearly 15 years.

  • Are you ready to deliver a hassle-free, real-time message from anywhere?

  • Are you missing out on expanding your network?

  • Are you operating at a local level, when you should be recognized as a global guru?

Don't be locked down to one place.  You too can GET CONNECTED GLOBALLY!  

Manage your business from everywhere thru the following:

  • Turn a simple Skype conversation into a CASH call

  • Conduct effective board meetings with board members in various locations

  • Operate multiple programs in numerous cities with collaborative partners

  • Reduce travel time by providing masterful, messages from the comforts of your home or office

  • Gain more flexibility to present in all time zones

It doesn't matter what industry, virtual training, meetings and instruction provide limitless opportunities to reach beyond boarders:

Business Coaches -- Coach entrepreneurs, small business owners or Executives on any/all continents

Teachers -- Provide instruction on new curriculum

Mechanics -- Gain a global reach to help with simple, virtual auto repair instruction

Beauticians -- Teach weaving techniques or hair cutting and more

Speakers – Expand your speaking engagements with virtual talks and training 

Authors -- Launch a new book to a virtual audience


Sherita's shared knowledge also creates opportunities for the Disabled:

  • If wheelchair-bound, you'll learn strategies to reach populations with your skills and talents from your personal computer
  • If an illness or infirmity prevents mobility, create opportunities to share your knowledge, without the complications of travel


Depending on your virtual choice for presenting, your audience can either see your monitor as you present, or get to know you personally by seeing you on the screen (your option).  Sherita will teach you how to make your presentations relay maximum impact to ensure your clients or trainees receive the best of you and your knowledge.

This two-hour, comprehensive webinar session will change how you operate in the world!

This is not just a PowerPoint lesson.  Ms. Herring has effectively trained high-power individuals and companies to utilize virtual training mechanisms and cyber space to reach broader audiences, while increasing their revenue. 

What you'll learn:

  • If you've never created a PowerPoint, you'll learn quick strategies to move you forward in presenting your knowledge and skills effectively to a broader audience.
  • If you're a skilled presenter, but lacking in virtual revenue generation, you'll learn how to better monetize your business, project or service to the world, vs. working on a local level.
  • You'll learn how to effectively form joint ventures and collaborations across boarders and industries to expand your customer base, or to reach your target populations, and so much more.


For only $50 (FS/A member), saving thru September 1, 2015 (value $175) register NOW!

Fees are nonrefundable, but can be applied toward another K.I. program or service.

For additional information, call the K.I. Foundation at 310-601-3036.