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Hattas Shay International Foundation (HSI) 
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Journey's Dream: A Hattas Shay International Foundation (HSI) Project

We imagine living in a world where all people have the resources, programs, tools, and support to live an optimal life!!! We believe health and well-being is possible for all.

Your contribution will make a difference. Help us support millions and millions of people find hope and a path to their well-being. Thank you.  

The HSI team

Stats: According to the National Institute of Mental Illness (NAMI), 43.8 million adult Americans (1 out of 5) experience mental illness in a given year. 94 Americans (18-22 of those are Veterans) will die today, and die every day by suicide (34K+ per year). Plus, over 50% of children (8-15 yrs. old) received mental health services last year. Mental Illness currently is costing America $193B in lost earnings annually.  

These statistics are staggering and exponentially touch the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans.  

Experience: Our experience shows that these statistics can be dramatically reduced. People can get the support and care necessary to transition smoothly from a point of hopelessness, confusion, and desperation to being hopeful, trusting, purposeful, and healthy.

Inclusive: At HSI, we believe all human beings have the capacity to heal and we openly embrace all beneficial modalities and tools that support well-being for individuals, families, and communities. 

Action: Please watch the video and open your heart to helping how you best can.


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All contributions are tax deductible through the RCLG Foundation to support HSI programs.