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Kansas City
, let Sherita bring the knowledge that others across the globe are taking advantage of . . .

 For the first time ever!

This is a
NEW webinar series that will be offered across the country (New York, Chicago,
Detroit, Maryland and others), with Kansas City being offered this EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY "first".

Get empowered by a business and nonprofit strategies that trains Global Leaders ! ! !

Because she's offering this exclusive, virtual webinar to her hometown, you won't believe the cost
 ONLY $20 thru September 12, 2015.
After the early-bird special, the registration is $45, which is still a tremendous savings for one of her trainings!

Don't keep this information to yourself -- tell others that want to empower KC's communities (KS/MO)!

Again, this particular webinar is for
Missouri/Kansas residents ONLY!

Facilitated by Sherita J. Herring (known as Shooby or Sherita Goff in her hometown of KC), she's teaching a comprehensive webinar for MO/KS alumni, community leaders, entrepreneurs,  small business owners, teachers, administrators, photographers, clergy, film producers, developers, inventors, etc., including those with just a napkin idea.

Join us  . . .

1)   If you're tired of seeing blighted homes, brownfields, and run-down communities, and want to do more . . .
2)   If you've got an idea, but don't know how to bring it to the forefront, while creating an income for yourself . . .
3)   If you're already making a difference, but your income doesn't match what you're putting out . . .

Don't miss the opportunity to learn strategies that can put you in the mix of Kansas City's economic improvement strategies.

Who Is Sherita J. Herring (Shooby Goff)?

As an astute speaker, best-selling author, radio personality, business strategist, and former LA City Council Candidate; and more importantly, a Westport High School Alum (Class of 1977), Sherita is bringing her knowledge to her hometown.  

    • For more than 20+ years, she has continuously provided economic and business strategies for municipalities, schools, churches, business owners and nonprofits, including coaching and/or mentoring top global leaders, celebrities and athletes, i.e., former President of Mexico Vicente Fox; UN Ambassador Byron Blake; former Mayor of Yazoo City, MS Mayor McArthur Straughter; Oscar Winner Hilary Swank; NBA star Jalen Rose; NFL Great Jim Brown; Civil Rights Leader Myrlie Evers; Film Producer Bill Duke; Comedian Anthony Anderson and so many others.
    • Also, over the past 20 years she has been instrumental in establishing more than 600 businesses, while raising over $30 million in funding.  

Sherita has been 
yearning to bring home what she's beckoned to do all over the world, i.e., make a difference, while helping individuals, businesses, and communities to grow and sustain.  

She is 
burning to help you find "PROFIT FOR YOUR PASSION(S)!

For only $20 (an unbelievable early bird special thru September 12, 2015, $45 after 9/12/15).  You'll be BLOWN AWAY with the information you'll gain!

Don't miss this informative two-hour webinar, for an amazing price, that will:
  • Help you identify funding that is specifically for the Kansas City area
  • Show you strategies that have been taught all over the world to take your ideas/business to the next level
  • Learn how to create multiple streams of income
  • Provide collaboration strategies to expand your reach, while increasing your income, and so much more

Register NOW for the KC Empowerment Webinar on October 3, 2015 (10a - 12p CST) and save!

The recorded session will be provided to each registrant.

Fees are nonrefundable, but can be applied toward another K.I. program or service.

For additional information, call the K.I. Foundation at 310-601-3036.

STOP AND READ:  Before proceeding, your credit/debit card will be required to complete this application process with the registration fee!
If you are not prepared to pay the the registration fee DO NOT complete the below information.   THANK YOU! 

ATTENTION, this webinar is for Missouri and Kansas residents ONLY!  If the below information is submitted from any other city/state, your information will not be processed for the webinar.  Thank you for complying! ! ! 

KC Empowerment Webinar Registration

Sherita is looking forward to empowering her hometown's entrepreneurs, clergy, speakers, authors, community leaders, small businesses and more, even those with only a napkin idea.

Your provided information will help her to tailor the webinar to fit the goals and objectives of the registrants.

In addition, Sherita's objective is to always link individuals with global partners.  Based on your programs, services or ideas, her goal is to expand your reach, while helping to create multiple streams of income.  

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