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Myths & Truths . . .

Myths & Truths about
Grants and Nonprofits . . .


Since 1988, I have spoken to audiences all over the world; developed and coached hundreds of city officials, community leaders and nonprofits; while securing millions in funding – and I’m still amazed there are so many misconceptions about grants and the nonprofit industry, which is one of the largest business sectors in the U.S. 

Review some of the MYTHS AND TRUTHS below about this valuable economic force and funding potentials.

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Don’t believe the MYTHS about GRANTS and NONPROFITS!

  • Myth - Nonprofits can’t make a profit.
  • Myth - All grants are government grants.
  • Myth - Nonprofits cannot receive pay for their services.
  • Myth - Nonprofits are not beneficial to the economy.
  • Myth - All nonprofit staff must be volunteers.
  • Myth - It’s harder to operate a nonprofit than a for-profit; and so many more untruths.


Learn the TRUTH . . .

  • TRUE - The Nonprofit arena is a trillion $industry.
  • TRUE – Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zukerberg, Ted Turner and 90+ billionaires are giving 50-90% of their wealth to the nonprofit arena (totaling over $900 billion annually, see
  • TRUE – Until 2015, the NFL had been a nonprofit since its inception, though it generated over $9 billion a year in profits and made roughly $250 million from the Super Bowl.
  • The Professional Golfers' Association of America (PGA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) are both nonprofit (league teams are not nonprofit).
  • TRUE – There are grants for green technology, lawyers, authors, engineers, poets, photographers, energy healing, horse trainers, scientists, inventors, artists and more.
  • TRUE – Last year alone, more than 306 billion was given in nongovernment grants
  • TRUE – You can have both – a profit company and a nonprofit organization.
  • TRUE – The nonprofit arena is the third largest business sector in the United States.
  • TRUE – Profit companies can collaborate with nonprofit organizations.
  • TRUE – A nonprofit organization CAN make a profit.
  • TRUE – There is no limit to the amount of grant dollars you can receive, even for salaries (based on your operating budget).
  • TRUE – The IRS approves more than 30,000 nonprofits a year.
  • TRUE – There “is” start-up funding for new organizations (seed money).
  • TRUE – Organization size does not matter, when seeking grant dollars.
  • TRUE – You can receive multiple grants for your programs and services.
  • TRUE – There’s international funding to support programs in other countries.
  • TRUE – U.S. nonprofits can collaborate with foreign non-governmental organizations and receive international grants.
  • TRUE – Your board members can reside in other states (board meetings can be conducted via teleconference, Skype, etc.).
  • TRUE – A sole proprietor can collaborate with a nonprofit and be paid with grant dollars as a consultant.
  • TRUE – You can receive your nonprofit status within 30-90 days (depending on your representative, expedite procedures, etc.).


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