Engage, Entertain and Empower your audience . . .

How often have "feel-good" speakers left  audiences feeling bewildered after the excitement wore off? 

As a seasoned speaker, best-selling author, radio personality and trainer, K.I.'s President, Sherita J., accelerates individuals into action, while providing valuable content (in-line with their goals) that will bring long-lasting results . . .

Her motivational strategies have a lasting effect . . .

Since 1988, Sherita has helped thousands operate in their PURPOSE!

What a life-changing occurance! 

She'll Engage, Entertain and Empower your audience:
  1. How many business conferences have you attended and “no one” spoke about for-profit and nonprofit collaborations to create jobs, expand resources and/or  provided instruction on impacting the bottom line for entrepreneurs, and small to large businesses?
  2. How many speakers have aided in raising over 30 million dollars, developed more than 600 businesses and coached thousands all over the world, including: Australia, Belgium, Canada,  Central America, China, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Namibia, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Trinidad, Tobago and others?
  3. How many presenters have been a) featured in performance magazine with First Lady Michelle Obama b) honored with R&B Songstress Chaka Khan and actress/ comedian Monique Hicks for their humanitarian efforts c) recognized for their numerous community accomplishments by former Los Angeles Mayor James K. Hahn and d) continuously providing business coaching for numerous celebrities and athletes?
  4. How many speakers provide strategies that build strong communities through small business development?
  5. How many facilitators are requested from the mahogany walls of the board room, to the down-trodden streets of skid row, or welcomed in to the prison walls to address the disheartened.  She speaks to business owners and CEOs, teachers, school administrators, inventors, high school students, nonprofit organizations and churches, while also working with homeless populations and ex-offenders to educate and empower the misguided?
  6. How many presenters provide funding strategies to address blighted housing, deliver strategies for reducing crime, presents methods to rid substance abuse, identifies funding sources for adult higher education, provides methods to grow small businesses and more.
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