Known for her vast knowledge in the nonprofit arena, K.I.'s President, Sherita J' Herring, advises law firms all over the world in nonprofit law and management. 

For nearly 25 years the Kreative Images Foundation has developed nonprofits all across the United States (alternative energy, child care centers, photography, homeless shelters, veterans’ programs, authors and writers forums, and others). 

In addition to our U.S. accomplishments, we are known world-wide for our impeccable services.  K.I. has developed, coached and aided organizations all over the world, including recently coaching former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox, his staff and local leaders in Mexico.  Our footprint is also represented in Pakistan, Paris France, Cambodia, Australia, Belgium, Canada,  Central America, China, England, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Namibia, Nicaragua, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Trinidad, Tobago and others.

K.I.’s efforts are reaching the ends of the earth — from installing water towers in the Philippines, to helping budding authors put their thoughts on paper to empower youth.  We have also provided business coaching efforts in Europe, combining our expertise in strategic planning, assessment, grant writing, fundraising, board development, speaking engagements, etc., to aid in helping our clients "Make A Difference".

Inquire about our comprehensive nonprofit development service, or ask about upcoming workshops or global webinars. 

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