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This far-reaching resource will continuously be uploaded with the organizations and service providers “who just want to do more!”

As we watch Hurricane Harvey's devastation in Houston, it’s important we remember that as the water recedes, the hardest work will begun.
  • Yes, it's important that we all send well wishes and prayers!
  • Yes, it's all good to forward sentimental Facebook posts, and share or like social media messages!
  • But, more importantly, the children, families and individuals impacted in Houston, and now surrounding areas, need services and resources! ! !
    • It's Urgent that we provide a one-stop database where services and resources are readily available!
    • Share this site with "everyone" to ensure we expeditiously create this immeasurable resource!

From the devastating clean-up to further mandatory recovery efforts, 1000s are going to need ongoing services as they try to regain some kind of normalcy to their forever-charged lives.

Immediate services that will be of the greatest need include food, shelter and clothing, with other essential services being:  family counseling; restoration of photos and important documents; animal rescue (shelters, vaccinations, etc.); medical services, disabled persons' services, religious and spiritual enrichment, senior services, and much more.

This National Nonprofit Registry is being launched to initially aid the hurricane victims of Houston,Texas; while also providing an ongoing, comprehensive resource for others across the nation in need of services (providers will be listed by city, state and available services).  

We are asking everyone to please share this critical site with every nonprofit and service organization across the nation, to ensure that we aid those who so desperately need it most.
  • There is a FREE registry, both for the service organization, and for those seeking services.
  • The Service Provider DOES NOT have to be a nonprofit.
  • The registry is designed to compile resources in one location for ease of access, for those in need of assistance.

Please, if you’re a social organization, or know of an organization providing services, no matter where they are in the country (database will list the services, city, and state of each service provider), please ask them to REGISTER TODAY (below)!

This informative databank will be made readily available through social media, countless organizations, national lists, and news sources, to ensure the promotion of this vital archive of information.

The registry is being 
launched on September 3, 2017, and will be consistently updated as information is provided.  

For those in need, to access this Registry Database of service providers click here (will be updated as providers are received),
For additional questions, or to find out more, please call the K. I. Foundation at 310-601-3036.

Service Providers, please provide your information below: