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One-on-One Consulting

One-on-One Consultation (Two Options)

Thank you for visiting the K.I. Foundation site.

By coming to this page, you probably have questions about grants, nonprofits or some other inquiry.

We apologize if this appears to be impersonal, but we receive hundreds of calls and emails a month, which makes it almost impossible to address them all.

In an effort to better accommodate the requests, we distribute FREE Grant and Nonprofit information weekly – sign up here >>.   By enrolling you’ll also be informed when we are hosting our FREE monthly Webinars where Ms. Herring answers your personal questions about grants, nonprofit business development, strategies for for-profit and nonprofit partnerships, how to develop effective community collaborations, and so much more, including questions about the Board of Directors, i.e., can you pay your board members, etc.

If the above does not address your needs, Ms. Herring is available to advise you through two options (see below).

Business Coaching Consultation:

Option 1 -- One-time Session

If you prefer a One-on-One consultation, the consulting rate is $150/hour (minimum 1-hour charge).  After the first hour, consulting will be billed at 30 minute intervals ($75.00/half hour).

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, we have advised organizations throughout the U.S. and multiple countries, i.e., India, Ghana, Belgium, Australia, China, Canada, Nigeria and more.

To schedule an appointment, select the appropriate "Buy Now" option below for either a morning, afternoon, or evening consultation (Pacific Standard Time).  All appointments are virtual, via Conference Call, Skype, Webinar or Mega Meeting. 

Your card will be initially billed for the first hour.  After the first hour, additional charges will be assessed at 30 minute intervals.

You will receive a list of available time slots based on your selected time frame.
All times are based on Pacific Standard Time (check your time zone).

Don't hesitate to call our office with any questions at 310 601-3036.


Option 2 -- Three-Month Purpose Driven Business Coaching

Are YOU ready to be "Social Conscious Chic"?

Forbes calls this era the Golden Age of Philanthropy, with innovations in technology and finance creating a new wave of megabillionaires that want to contribute funding to do good.

Take the plunge into this purpose-driven, trillion dollar industry, and experience life like never before, by identifying profit for your passions!

1)  Have you considered the Nonprofit arena, but not sure what direction to go?

2)  Did you know there are multi-million dollar nonprofit organizations?

3)  Did you know that nonprofit salaries are just as competitive as other businesses and corporations?

4)  Are you aware that for-profits and nonprofits can collaborate?

5)  Did you know you CAN have a for-profit and a nonprofit?

6)  Are you wondering how your intellectual property is handled in conjunction with a nonprofit?

7)  Are you pondering how to fund your social ventures?


Register for only $600/month (minimum 3-month session).  Sessions can be extended, based on desire or need.

Join other "Elite Difference Makers" by receiving coaching from Sherita J. Herring, one of the premier nonprofit authorities in the industry!

Sherita has coached dignitaries, political leaders, celebrities and community gate keepers from all over the world, including former President of Mexico Vicente Fox; UN Ambassador Byran Blake, Oscar Winner Hilary Swank, Legendary Actress Tippi Hedren, NFL Great Jim Brown, Actor/Comedian Anthony Anderson, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Bootsy Collins, Olympian Carl Lewis, and many others, while raising over $30 million in funding.

Sherita's Purpose-Driven Business Coaching is customized precisely to meet your distinctive goals and objectives.

As one of the privileged few, here's what you'll gain:

  1. Receive three months of intensive, private coaching (four virtual 1-hour sessions per month).  Minimum three months required for effectual results.
  2. Obtain exclusive, comprehensive approaches for for-profit/nonprofit collaboration, specifically tailored for your business and project(s)
  3. Learn customized techniques for grant procurement
  4. Acquire project management and evaluation tools explicitly designed for your programmatic strategies
  5. Learn approaches to expand your business from local relations to international significance
  6. Attain customized Project Development approaches to gain access to the trillion-dollar nonprofit industry, grants, and so much more
  7. BONUS -- If you're not a nonprofit, you'll receive immediate tax-exempt privileges under our Fiscal Sponsorship; allowing you to receive tax-deductible donations and sponsorships, saving you time and thousands to form your own 501(c)3 organization

This exclusive coaching experience can be accomplished with you personally, or in conjunction with your team.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to gain hours of personal coaching that can produce astronomical results, while also advancing your goals of making a difference in the world!

Again, to ensure individualized, personal attention, Ms. Herring limits the enrollment for this unique  experience!

For only $600/month, become Engaged, Enriched, and Empowered to build the capacity of your ideas and/or business to initiate change and make a difference to impact the world!


If you're ready to become Socially Chic, call the K.I. Foundation and speak with Ms. Herring directly at 310-601-3036, or register below.

Thank you,

K.I. Foundation Response Team