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PNC Specials

Below are special offers for PNC 2016 Participants only!

PNC Special offers have expired!  

Thank you!

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$149 (value $349) -  Grant Writing Webinar Series (five 2-hour sessions) -- see details here

$149 (value $349) -  Nonprofit Development Webinar Series (five 2-hour sessions) -- see details here

$75 (value $135) -  Global Network Webinar (create multiple streams of income) -- see details here

$75 (value $125) -  Fiscal Agent/Sponsor (FS/A) Program (have instant nonprofit status, and receive coaching) -- see details here

$125 (value $165) -  Fiscal Agent/Sponsor "PLUS"  (FS/A+) Program (receive above FS/A "plus" one-on-one coaching) -- see details here

These super savings are currently being offered as a continuation of PNC 2016.