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Q&A W/ Sherita J

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So you say YOU need a 

Get All your questions answered on First Fridays Q&A with Sherita J

First Fridays Q&A with Sherita J

  • Learn the difference, if any, between for-profit investors and grant funders
  • Learn how to be on track to receive funding, i.e., strategic plan, sequence and more
  • Learn what investors want to know about you/your projects:  What are their risks?  What are you doing to mitigate those risks?  What is your experience?  How sustainable is the business or project?  Who are your clients, or who are you serving?

Thru our global virtual webinar, have early morning coffee with Sherita J and gain the knowledge you need to move forward . . .

What amount would you invest in yourself, to gain the coaching and guidance you need?  

   PLUS, though a group webinar, you can remain anonymous to other participants!

For as little as $4.99 (the approximate cost of a specialty cup of coffee), you can spend some time with me and get all your questions answered, with First Fridays Q&A with Sherita J (a virtual webinar with others across the globe).


Based on an ABC News cast, a new report estimates that the average American worker spends nearly $14.40 a week on coffee, which doesn't include the cost of drinking coffee at home (around $1,100 annually).  This same trend follows across the globe.

I love coffee too, so I’m not saying skip your morning coffee or tea; I’m asking you to have a cup with me on the "first Friday" of every month, from 6:30a – 8:30a Pacific (check your time zone).


Why?  On a daily basis we receive numerous calls and emails asking some of the following:


1)  Should I be a nonprofit?

2)  Can I have a for-profit and a nonprofit?

2)  What’s the difference between a for-profit and a nonprofit?

3)  Are there grants for what I do?

4)  How much money can I receive through grants?

5)  What is a Fiscal Sponsor/Agent?

6)  Do I need a Fiscal Sponsor/Agent?

7)  Can any profession or industry operate in the nonprofit arena.


These and so many other questions will be answered.

Join me!

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Next First Friday - June 2, 2017

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3)  If for some reason you can not participate in the session, funds can be applied toward the next First Friday.
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