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Tri-State Event

Be a part of the Empowerment Tour of the 
year, that's initiating and creating global initiatives and collaborations from Jamaica, Chicago and Kansas City, to Washington, D.C.

Hosted by Necole Jones, Ryan Ray
Tina Renee 

 by Sherita J. Herring


Join us for the

Business & Grants Conference for “All” Industries & Entrepreneurs 

The mission of the Tri-State Collaborative is to empower and sustain the business communities through entrepreneurship and economic activity across the District of Columbia, Georgia and North Carolina regions. Continuing with our objective to empower those we serve, we are excited to be involved with the 2017 Empowerment Tour with Sherita J. Herring and the Kreative Images Foundation.

Facilitated by one of the leading community development speakers, business/nonprofit strategists, and grant procurement experts in the U.S., this is a "must attend" forum where you'll gain funding opportunities and capacity building strategies that will aid with business development, job creation, and community and economic development; while expanding your footprint to national and international borders.

Who should attend?  

Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners,Nonprofit Leaders, Contractors, Horticulturist/
Gardeners, Caterers/Chefs/Bakers, Authors/Writers/Poets, Educators, Photographers, Film Makers/Documentarians, Clergy, Community Leaders, Healthcare Professionals and more. 

July ??, ??? and ???, 2017 
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Held at 
Venu Location


 Seating is limited to ?? participants ONLY! 

In an effort to advance your goals, you'll learn from one of the top community development speakers, business/nonprofit strategists, and grant procurement experts in the United States. 

Sherita has aided in raising over $30 million and formed more than 600 global organizations.  With more than 25 years experience, she has coached and/or aided countless global leaders and celebrities; listed below with their careers and social-entrepreneur causes (partial list):

Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico (aiding the poor and disenfranchised populations of Mexico); Bradie James, former NFL linebacker for Dallas Cowboys (breast cancer activist); Bill Duke, movie producer and actor (youth and film); Hillary Swank, Oscar winning actress (dog/animal rescue); Jalen Rose, ESPN Announcer and former NBA star (youth literacy); Tippi Hedren, legendary actress (animal rights activist); Carl Lewis, Track Olympian (youth athletics); Bootsy Collins, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (music literacy and youth development); Lisa Nichols, Speaker (motivation and self-development); Tatyana Ali, actress (youth/community empowerment); Byran Blake, UN Ambassador (indigenous people/countries); Michael Colyar, comedian/actor (prison impact/community strategies); Cocoa Brown, comedian/actress (nonprofit strategies); Anthony Anderson, actor/comedian (youth/diabetes/workplace team building); Kim Coles, actress/comedian (women/girl's empowerment); Eddie Griffin, actor/comedian (young ladies empowerment); Lisa Ray, actress/designer (women's leadership); Les Brown, renowned motivator (leadership development); Jim Brown, NFL Legend/Activist (literacy/gang intervention strategies); Mayor James Young, (small town economic development).

Hear what Bootsy Collins and Lisa Nichols have to say . . .


During this comprehensive forum you’ll learn effective grant procurement, while also learning strategic planning, sequencing, global collaboration strategies and so much more.

Learn the step-by-step process of preparing an effective grant proposal for “any” kind of program or service, even if you're a dog-walker, arborist, scientist, inventor, school teacher or child care director.

Advance registration required!


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