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Ultimate Coach

For only $250/month, change you outlook, life and business strategies!

Strategies with Sherita
offers the Ultimate Business Coaching for only 15 Distinctive Clients per 3-month Session!

Why use a Coach?  Studies reveal that entrepreneurs and business executives who employ business coaches experience a return on investment between 500% and 800%.

  • Do you have an idea, but CLUELESS on how to take your strategy from PAPER to PROFIT?
  • Are you sitting at home or in your office, BRAINSTORMING ALONE, and not producing results?
  • Are you wondering how to create MORE REVENUE to grow your business?
  • Do you feel bewildered when trying to complete a GRANT APPLICATION?
  • Are you wondering how to effectively establish FOR-PROFIT & NONPROFIT COLLABORATIONS.  

While receiving exceptional guidance, Sherita will challenge your thinking as she provides personalized instruction, specific to your individual needs.

As far as cost, business coaching can normally average $1000 per month or more.

What’s astonishing is, you can receive Sherita's unequivocal Business Coaching for a minimal investment.

Why?  Because she recognizes that so often, those that need business guidance the most, are usually those that are financially challenged at the time.   


  • Find comfort in knowing there’s a qualified professional to guide you through uncertain plans or choices
  • Learn how to expand your business – from local to global
  • Learn how to develop multiple revenue streams
  • Create business alliances beyond your original scope and so much more

Every exclusive client will receive:

2 personalized one-on-one sessions per month to address your unique questions, concepts and plans

group sessions per month, to aid in expanding your ideas, through collaborative thinking, opportunities and assessments

But wait there’s more!

Sign up by June 22, 2018 and take advantage of even greater savings!  

For Only $250/month (saving $100 -- regularly $350/month), you’ll receive indisputable, personalized approaches, specifically designed for you and your growth strategies.

Accepting only 15 clients for the next 3-month session, don’t miss this opportunity to LEAP!

Enroll NOW, or call our office with additional questions at 310-601-3036.

Must make a 3-month commitment when enrolling!